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Teels Marsh

The Teels prospect comprises 120 claims (2,400 acres - 3.7 square miles) that cover approximately the western two-thirds of the Teels Marsh, a closed desert basin that was confirmed as having anomalously high Li spring waters in a reconnaissance water sampling program by the Company in 2009 (see Ashburton NR, January 11, 2010). Teels Marsh was first worked in the 1860’s for salt needed in chlorination production plants at Aurora, Comstock, and Candelaria. Around 1872, borax was discovered and was produced steadily until 1892 by U.S. Borax, which still holds the private ground to the east. Operations ceased when other borax resources were found in Death Valley. The Clayton Valley, North America’s largest lithium producer, has a similar history of salt and borax production in the 1800s and is located 87 kilometers to the south.
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