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Hy Claims, Nevada (Lithium)
This page last updated Jan 28th, 2011

The HY claims cover approximately 740 acres (300 hectares) and were the subject of reconnaissance surveys in the late 1970's and a preliminary work project in the 1980's. These earlier reconnaissance programs were directed by geologist Jay W. Santos, and included 242 shallow auger holes to test lithium dispersion below the feed source. Results obtained from commercial laboratories showed total lithium contents ranging from 86 to 1480 ppm from rock and soil samples in the auger holes.

Sampling by Ashburton on the claim block confirmed the lithium anomalies initially detected in the reconnaissance surveys. Four soil auger samples were from areas where anomalous Li was reported from the 1970s sampling program. The four samples were collected using a 1.2-meter soil auger and ranged in depth from 0.50 to 1.15 meters. Lithium contents of these samples range from 320 to 590 ppm Li. Three water samples were also collected from nearby springs on the property contained 1580 to 1720 ug/L Li. Geochemical analyses were performed by ALS-Chemex Laboratories of Reno, Nevada, and North Vancouver, BC.

Management are very encouraged by the results and are designing a more systematic sampling program for implementation in the coming year.

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Location: Churchill and Pershing Counties, Nevada
Size: 740 Acres
Interest: 100% Ownership
Minerals: Lithium (Li)
Looking ahead: N/A