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Sienna Property

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
Size: 1,244 Hectares
Interest: 100%
Commodity: Uranium

The Sienna Property is located in Saskatchewan, Canada in near proximity to Alpha Minerals Inc., (TSX.V-AMW) and Fission Energy Corp., (TSX.V-FIS) Patterson Lake South discovery area.

Location map displaying the Sienna North & Patterson West & North Properties.

One claim, 147 hectares in size, is contiguous to the northern boundary of the Fission Energy Corp. block of claims which encompasses the Patterson Lake South Project and discovery area under the joint venture arrangement of Fission and Alpha. The other property is 1,090 hectares in size, and is located to the southwest of the Patterson Lake South discovery block, approximately 25 km from the boundary of the claims. This second property covers an area of historic Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) lake sediment samples that range from 3.9ppm Uranium to 7.69ppm Uranium. The distance between the two lakes that were sampled is approximately 2km.

Location map displaying the Sienna West claimblock.

Fission and Alpha are actively exploring the Patterson Lake South Uranium discovery and have recently announced via on March 11, 2013, several zone intercepts of radioactivity including "53m interval of continuous mineralization; including 11.5metres of continuous off-scale radioactivity (greater than 9,999 counts per second); the sum of discrete intervals of off-scale radioactivity total 13.89 metres; and greater than 26% of the interval measure off scale."

Ashburton will be working closely with Alpha-Track Uranium Services (Osoyoos, B.C.) to commence a radon cup survey in the upcoming weeks. The use of radon detectors to identify uranium mineralization was an integral step leading to the Alpha Minerals Inc. (TSX-V: AMW) and Fission Uranium Corp. (TSX-V: FIS) Patterson Lake South (PLS) discoveries. As stated in their May 6, 2013 news release; "Fission Uranium Corp., the operator at PLS, and its 50-per-cent joint venture partner Alpha Minerals Inc., have released results from an extension of the previous radon survey in January to February, 2013, that led to the target selection of the first high-grade holes drilled at zones R390E and R780E at Patterson Lake South, including hole PLS13-038."