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Project Overview

The Z-1 Zeolite project covers 93 hectares and is located approximately 3 kms northeast of Cache Creek, BC. The area is underlain by volcanic and sedimentary rocks of the Eocene Kamloops Group. The zeolitized materials in the Cache Creek area outcrop in four locations of which the Z-1 property covers two; The first grouping is comprised of zeolitized tuffs which are grey to light grey that are competent with 10 per cent porosity and a minimum thickness of 6 to 8 metres. The second grouping is located to the south of the first and is comprised of light to dark green lithified and zeolitized tuffs that are competent with 6 to 12 per cent porosity and a minimum thickness of 5 to 7 metres. Contact between the two groups is sharp and zeolite is clinoptilolite and minor heulandite.

Zeolite Market

The zeolite industry has experienced continuous growth since its discovery in the western United States in the 1950s. The zeolite industry has sustained growth due to the extraordinary adaptability, flexibility and eco-friendly nature of the mineral, which can be applied in a wide range of industrial, consumer and environmental applications driven by product research and development. Newer market applications include agricultural and horticultural solutions including optimizing growth of organic marijuana, soil remediation, and high-tech clean-tech applications. These burgeoning market opportunities are incremental to the substantial core and growing Zeolite markets.

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