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Project Overview

The TransCanada and Juniper Creek Chabazite Zeolite properties are located southeast of Kamloops, BC with Chabazite Zeolite occuring in the Eocene Kamloops Group within basaltic rocks. Combined with the Z-1 zeolite quarry/mine these two new strategic zeolite properties broaden Ashburton�s assets in the emerging zeolite markets. It is envisioned that Chabazite from the two new properties will be targeted for three specific applications; The first being a high purity crystalline Chabazite, slated for high tech/clean tech applications in the areas of molecular sieves, gas separation and purifying gas streams. The second and third products will be used in horticulture, agriculture, animal health and specialty Supplementary Cementaceous Materials (SEMs).

About Chabazite

Chabazite is a unique rare and valuable mineral of the zeolite family. In North America, there is only one other location, in southern Arizona, where Chabazite is produced. The exceptional properties of Chabazite lead to applications in numerous clean technology solutions like reverse adsorption systems, thermal energy harvesting and solar energy storage. Utilizing ZMM�s proprietary beneficiation process results in Chabazite concentrates having up to 98% purity.

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