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LuVerne E.W. Hogg

Subject Matter Expert

LuVerne E.W. Hogg has been engaged in mineral exploration, development, production and marketing of industrial minerals since 1965. Verne is an industry recognized expert in zeolites worldwide and has specialized in and researched zeolite minerals, products and their applications for over 25 years, in 16 countries. As an expert on zeolites, he has developed many environmental, agricultural, industrial, construction, consumer and products. Previously he worked as a Geological Assistant for the Geological Survey of Saskatchewan and the Geological Survey of Canada in the Yukon. He was a Mine Geologist for International Nickel in Thompson, Manitoba, following that he conducted geological, geophysical and geochemical surveys throughout Canada. As Vice President Exploration in Canada and the British Virgin Islands, he guided the development of a gold mine and mill in northeast Saskatchewan. Verne attended Geology at the University of Saskatchewan from 1961 to 1964. He is a member of The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum #148963 and has held numerous memberships, directorships and offices in mineral exploration companies, including Canada University Industry Council on Advanced Ceramics. His published papers relating to mineral exploration, research and product development are many and varied.

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